Your business depends on your phone system. We are the only cloud-based phone solution provider in Metro Atlanta with the experience and ability to uniquely serve multi-location businesses.

Novacom builds and maintains long term relationships with our clients, giving them the confidence to focus on their business while we stay engaged to ensure they have the technologies necessary to best drive their business today and tomorrow.

HOW WE DO IT: We Listen, We Learn, We Launch

  • LISTEN: We continually Listen to our clients. We come to understand what matters to them at any given time, recognizing also that business is not static and that changing needs must be a part of an ongoing solution.
  • LEARN: We Learn what’s unique about each client. While we understand the multi-location business challenges, we have accumulated specific knowledge and continue to learn strategies to best deploy and operate communications across a multi-location environment by pulling our combined experiences to leverage to our customer base.
  • LAUNCH: Once we’ve Listened and Learned, we Launch into solution mode. Utilizing our carrier agnostic approach we are able to let the business needs drive the solution rather than the solution driving the business. Our experience in the multi-site environment, allows us to rapidly create solutions that address both the common concerns and unique needs of each business.