Our Clients

Our Clients

Looking Forward To Another 10 years!

After 10 years of continuous service, we have come to appreciate the uniqueness that Novacom brings to our partnership. From the very beginning they took the time to understand my business and my needs before recommending a solution. They sold us what we needed and have never pressured us to buy more than we needed. They have the same knowledgeable staff of experts that have worked with us from the beginning. So we have never had to deal with the “revolving door” mentality of the carriers. They have also engaged and understand our network infrastructure and have worked seamlessly with 3rd parties as necessary. And perhaps as important as everything else, when we have an experience of being down, getting my services restored is top priority for the Novacom team. I really have felt like I was their only client during the few critical outages we have experienced. We’re looking forward to another 10 years of a valued partnership.

Bill Skinner Executive Vice President/Partner

Novacom Is An Incredible Vendor…. And Great Resource

In most cases when we engage a Technology Provider, it is a handoff from the sales team and we are on our own. Novacom has been a partner with Equity Prime Mortgage throughout the entire process of implementing a corporate wide phone solution. We have a multi-site configuration and Novacom has been involved in not just the equipment and sales aspect of our projects but is also going the extra mile to ensure installs go well from the technical side.

They have been extremely responsive to our needs. There have been numerous times that I’ve been able to reach Jeff and his team at off hours, where they have helped me get additional resources for our projects to ensure the highest satisfaction to my end-users.

Novacom has been an incredible vendor for Equity Prime Mortgage. They understand the urgency and the needs of our business and have advocated many times for special requirements that go past what the Provider would normally have allowed. It is a rare quality that someone takes the time and effort to truly understand the business unit needs, and puts their full resources behind ensuring that those needs are met. Novacom is one of our Foundation vendors and a great resource.

Alan Cooper CTO
Equity Prime Mortgage

They Delivered Technologies That Have Saved US Thousands Of Dollars

RA Heath is a Commercial Construction Services business specializing in expedited renovations for retailers such as Chick Fil-A, Starbucks and others. “We take pride in the work we do and the partnerships we maintain. Novacom has been one of those long term partners who bring knowledge, expertise and support that we can rely upon. They have delivered technologies that have saved us thousands of dollars in travel, improved communications between locations and allowed us to keep our focus on doing what we do best. We strongly recommend and heavily depend on the expertise and support we receive from Novacom.

Wendy Heath Director, Administration & Finance
R.A Heath

Novacom’s Patience And Dedication Is Just An Illustration Of How They Care For Our Business

Novacom is a Great Partner! Whenever we have a crisis, we know the phone will be answered. Jeff and his team bend over backwards to get things right as fast as possible. Unlike some vendors who talk over our heads (or fix the problem and leave,) Novacom takes the time to transfer knowledge to us. This empowers us to know more and better equips us to manage our business. When we had a crisis over a holiday weekend, we had a technician onsite the entire weekend working with our team to troubleshoot and remedy an issue that was critical to our business. This type of patience and dedication is just an illustration of how Novacom cares for our business and values our partnership.

Jim Reilly Mobility and Collaboration Manager
Mizuno USA

Leave The Very Important Issue Of Telecom In Their Expert Hands

As an entrepreneur managing multiple businesses across a wide geography, Mike Jansen called on Novacom to identify and help implement a tailored system. “They have done the research and testing, and were able to guide us to a system that meets our unique needs. It has been simple to manage and cost effective, saving us thousands of dollars per year and giving us control. They know where the technology is going and are quick to respond to our questions, ensuring our issues are resolved. My advice to anyone considering Novacom would be, leave the very important issue of telecom in their expert hands. You can depend on the solutions they recommend and support.

Mike Jansen Entrepreneur – Owner
Classic City Marinas

Novacom saves county government $100,000 and more!

When Greene County, Georgia’s county commissioners decided almost a decade ago that a VoIP phone system made sense for their phone operations, they chose Novacom. “After much research, we decided to work with Novacom, who provided a great solution that saved us nearly $100,000 from the cost of a popular branded system. Little did we realize at the time, but it wasn’t a new phone system we gained, it was a partner that was able to understand our needs and work diligently to provide solutions to fulfill those needs. The personalized attention that Jeff and his team have provided, as always made us feel like we are the only customer they are concerned with. As our needs changed and technologies offered more efficient systems, Novacom was there still lending their expertise and knowledge, guiding us to our new “Cloud Based” system. Having looked at other options, we decided on a solution that Novacom proposed. Not only did the solution best meet our needs, it now saves us thousands of dollars per month, having eliminating our Legacy Phone Company Service. Novacom is a fantastic company to work with. They do not walk out after a “sale” is complete. They follow up continuously to make sure things are running smoothly, and I know I can call anytime we have an issue and they will work with me until it is resolved.

Amanda Smith Finance Manager
Greene County

We Saved Over $20,000 While Increasing Internet Speed By 15 Times- All With Virtually No Out Of Pocket Expense, And We Got A New Phone System Too!

As a local church community we have often depended on members or individual providers to assist with our technology needs. While the work and advice seemed economical, Novacom opened our eyes to the ability to improve our efficiencies with services that better met our needs, while saving us money. Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable and professional resource who listened, learned our needs and helped us implement solutions that exceeded our expectations while cutting our costs. His ability to provide solutions from a wide range of providers was critical to pairing us with the right phone solution and a much faster, less expensive Internet connection. Jeff’s consultative approach as a vendor agnostic resource led us to a multi-vendor solution, which we would never have found using a typical phone provider.

Grace Swartz Administrative Assistant
Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church

The Same People That Installed Our System 10 Years Ago Still Answer The Phone And Support Our Needs Today

Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C. is a Law firm in Atlanta with an unparalleled reputation for excellence in the fields of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury. Ten years ago we made a great move securing Novacom as a technology partner. Unlike working with the phone companies and cable companies, we have not been faced with the revolving door of personnel. In fact, the same people that installed our system 10 years ago still answer the phone and support our needs today. It has been a real benefit to have Novacom available to help us seek out solutions that are always cost effective and meet our needs. They talk in plain terms and always say what they mean and mean what they say. That is something rarely found in the technology field, but one we appreciate from our valued partner.

John A. Garland Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C.
Trial Attorneys

Don’t even think about calling a phone company before you read this!

If you are a business with 2 to 20 locations, looking for a better communications solution, then it’s critical that you get and read this business advisory before you call any phone company: Top 10 Benefits of Working With A Supplier-Nuetral Telecom Agent for Cloud Solutions.

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