Whether you have specific needs or you are seeking to develop a roadmap for the cloud, Novacom can help. Our services focus on creating solutions around desired outcomes.  In other words,  what is important is to understand what you are trying to achieve, rather than what service you think you need to buy or subscribe to.

When you engage with our professionals, we will work as provider neutral consultants to uncover that needs of your business, identify the best qualified providers and work with you to develop the solution that will best meet your objectives.

Our Cloud based solutions include Private, Shared Tenant and Public Cloud Solutions.

  • Private Cloud – This is a hosted environment where the compute resources are dedicated to a single business.  They are typically used for more secure and highly compliant applications
  • Shared Tenant – This hosted environment is similar to Private cloud except that various components of the compute may be shared within a single infrastructure or server.
  • Public Cloud – This hosted environment is typically a larger less secure and more readily accessible solution that is shared across a large cross section of subscribers. Mot notable of this category are hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.