If you have a business that includes multiple locations or remote workers and you want a single, simple-to-use, easy-to-manage solution that will save you time and money, then we can help!

Our clients typically have from 2 to 20 locations around Atlanta, across the State, Southeast, or even around the world. Their locations range in size from single remote workers to multiple company work facilities that all connect together seamlessly. They benefit from having simple communications that facilitate enterprise wide visibility with presence management and access to collaboration tools like chat, voice conferencing, video or simple four digit dialing plans. And, as they grow they have the ability to scale quickly by easily adding users or even locations.

Our experts can bring value to your business if:

  • You want to save time dealing with various phone companies
  • You want to eliminate numerous phone bills
  • You want or need more bandwidth
  • You are adding a location or growing a current location
  • You want a simple to use and manage phone system
  • You want to incorporate a call center
  • Your current phone service agreement is nearing a termination date
  • You are ready to stop wasting money on telecom
  • You want your phones to positively impact your bottom line
  • You need a new phone system but don’t want a capital expense
  • You would like to know in real-time what is happing at remote locations
  • You simply want to learn if cloud-based phone systems are right for your organization