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AltiGen Voice Mail System Quick Reference

AltiGen Handset Shortcuts
AltiGen Voice Mail System Quick Features
##<password> Log into voice mail at your own station
###<ext><password> Log into voice mail at another station
#11 Greeting Menu
#28 Password Menu
Making Calls
#34 Dial By Name 1
#35 Virtual LogIn (Station Privilege Override)
#69 Dial Last Caller
#77 Station Speed Dial
#88 System Speed Dial
#99 Last Number Redial
#93 <ext> Intercom Call
Answering Calls
#29 <ext> Individual Call Pickup (a specific station)
#30 System Call Pickup(any station ringing)
FLASH #31 Personal Call Park
#31 <text> Personal Call Park Pickup
FLASH #41 System Speed Dial
#41 <loc.#> System Call Park Pickup
#51 <loc.#> Line Park Call Park Pickup
#81 Hands Free Intercom Mode
#82 Hands Free Manual Answer Mode
Call Management
#26 Station LogOut
#27 Station LogIn
#32 <acct code> Enter Account Code (before dialing)
FLASH #32 <acct code> Enter Account Code (mid-call)
#33 Do Not Disturb
#36 Call Forwarding
#37 Remote Call Forwarding
Other Features
#22 Feature Status Check
#25 tation Speed Dial Setup
#38 Outside Call Blocking (operator only)
#39 Operator Off-Line (operator only)
#44 Overhead Paging
#45 Overhead Paging by Trunk
#46 Group Paging (Alti-IP 600 users only)
#55 List Feature Tips
#73 Silent System Call Park
#90 Ready to receive workgroup calls
#91 Not ready to receive workgroup calls
FLASH<ext> Transfer
FLASH #40 Transfer to AltiGen Voice Mail System
FLASH # 15 <AA/IVR#> Transfer to Auto Attendant/IVR
FLASH ##<ext> Transfer to a User's Voice Mail
FLASH<ext> Consultation(FLASH to return to original call)
FLASH <number># Conference Call
FLASH Call Waiting

Putting a Call on Hold

While connected to a call, do one of the following: *Press the FLASH button to play music on hold -if the system is configured to play music on hold-and do not hang u p. Hanging up will disconnect the call. To reconnect to the call, press the FLASH button again. *Press the HOLD button. Nothing is heard while placed on hold this way. Hanging up here will not disconnect the call. To reconnect to the call, press the HOLD button again.

Transferring Calls

1. Press the FLASH button.
2. At the dial tone, dial the third party's extension number, or if permitted, a trunk-line access prefix and an external phone number.
3. When the third party answers, announce the call or simply hang up. When hanging up, use the Release button if available, or keep the hook-flash depressed for a couple of seconds to make sure the call is transferred. To abort the transfer and reconnect to the incoming call, press FLASH again before the transfer is complete.

Transferring Calls into the AltiGen Voice Mail System

To send an outside call into the AltiGen Mail Voice system, press FLASH #4 0.

Transferring Calls Directly to a User's Voice Mailbox

To transfer a call directly into a user's voice mail, press FLASH ## and the user's extension number. When you transfer a call this way, you do not need to set the user's station on Do-Not-Disturb or wait for the phone to finish ringing.

Transferring Calls to an Auto Attendant/IVR

To transfer a call to the Auto Attendant/IVR, press FLASH # 15 and the Auto Attendant/IVR number. For example, if 001 is the initial greeting to which you want to send the user, press FLASH # 15001.

Conference Calls

You can place conference calls including up to 5 parties, and you can speak privately with each party before adding them to the conference call. Any internal user is able to add parties to the conference call.

The quality of the conference call depends on the quality of service available with the local telephone company.

To conference an outgoing call:

  • Press FLASH.
  • At the dial tone, dial the next party's phone number.
  • Wait for the third party to answer and announce the conference call.
  • Press # to put all three parties into the conference call.
  • uring conferencing, any internal conference participant may press FLASH , dial the next party's number, and press # to bring the person into the conferencing session.

This feature is described for an analog phone when the extension is set to Multiple Call Waiting. When an IP-600 telephone, AltiTouch 510 telephone or MaxCommunicator are used, the function commands are simplified (see MaxCommunicator).

Conference Call Restrictions

There are some system restrictions on general extension based conference calls. There is a limit of 6 parties per conference call. For other restrictions see user guide.


To place the caller on hold and speak with a person at another extension:

  • Press FLASH and dial the extension number of the person you wish to speak with.
  • When you are finished, press FLASH again to disconnect the consultation and return to the original caller.

Call Waiting

To use call waiting, it must have been enabled either for the system in the AltiWare/ACM Administrator or by the user in AltiReach. The latter is described in "Setting Call Management" on page 45.

If a call comes in while you're on the phone, the system will beep up to three times over a 24 second period before the call is routed into voice mail.

To answer the call:

  • Press FLASH to put the first call on hold and simultaneously connect to the waiting call.
  • Press FLASH again to return to the first call.

Distinctive Call Waiting Tone

If the Distinctive Call Waiting Tone option is enabled by the system administrator, you may have three different call waiting tones cadences that distinguish the types of calls:

  • Internal Call = two tones
  • External Call = one tone
  • Operator Call = three tones

Multiple Call Waiting

This feature enables a "personal" queue that allows you to handle multiple incoming calls by letting callers wait in queue until you answer the call. You can transfer or park calls before answering the next call in queue. Multiple Call Waiting must be enabled for your extension by the system administrator before it can be used.

Before being placed in queue, the caller hears an Initial Greetin g. Once in the queue, the caller hears a Subsequent Greeting every 30 seconds. You can change or customize these greetings in the AltiGen Voice Mail system at the Personal Options menu as described in "Recording Greetings" on page 30.

In queue, the callers can press pound ( #) to exit the queue and leave a voice mail message or, if your organization has an operator, press 0 for the operator. You may want to remind users of these options in the greetings.

To answer calls in a Multiple Call Waiting situation:

  • During a call, you will hear an alert tone (audio beep) for each new call that is added to the queue.
  • I f you hang up, the phone will ring with the next caller in queue.

To park or transfer a call before answering the next call, press the Link or FLASH key and do one of the following:

  • T o transfer the call, enter the extension or phone number and hang up.
  • T o park the call using Personal Call Par k,pres s#3 1, enter an extension number only if you want to park the call at an extension other than your own, and then hang up (see "Call Park" on page 7).
  • T o park the call using System Call Par k,pres s#4 1, note the parked call "location" number, and then hang up.

Answer the next call in queue; it will ring after you disconnect the previous call.